What Sets Us Apart?

 Our Cranston Dental Practice  

At Cranston Pediatric Dentistry, we provide children and special needs patients with the skilled and accommodating service they need for an enjoyable and productive trip to the dentist. 

Our team of accredited dental healthcare professionals are dedicated to the oral health of our patients. We recognize that children and special needs patients require extra patience, thus we do all in our power to foster a trusting relationship.

Dr. Athanasios Zavras is a highly educated dentist with many years of experience. Dr. Grant Murray offers interminable patience and a passion for oral healthcare. 

Sedation Services

Our Cranston dental practice offers nitrous oxide/ oxygen sedation. Nitrous oxide, one of our most popular choices, helps patients of all ages, needs and backgrounds alleviate dental anxiety. With our perceptive and gentle care, we ensure our patients remain safely relaxed throughout the entirety of their treatments. 

For children that cannot tolerate treatment in the dental chair, we have hospital privileges that allow us to provide full mouth rehabilitation in one setting while the children are asleep.

A Comforting Environment 

Children are especially perceptive. It’s important to empower the child and encourage comfort in every way possible, including in the environment. Cold, medical dental offices might trigger anxiety in more sensitive patients, children, and those with special needs. 
Cranston Pediatric Dentistry is proud of our detailed and informative U.S. History themed dental practice. Patients find plenty of educational distractions throughout our office, allowing us to focus on their treatment as they focus on the details of our welcoming environment. 

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