Pediatric Laser Dentistry in Cranston

Cranston Pediatric Dentistry offers laser-assisted dental care, a modern advancement in oral health care that makes a trip to the dentist much more comfortable for the apprehensive patient. Dental lasers enhance both restorative and preventive treatments, making our dental laser an invaluable asset to our Cranston dental practice. Procedures conducted using a laser require little to no anesthesia and allow for a much faster healing process.

If you are looking for easy and comfortable dental care for your child or special needs family member, look no further than Cranston Pediatric Dentistry. Our dental lasers help us provide a higher standard of care for our patients in Cranston, Providence, and Johnston.

The Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Dental lasers use concentrated and precise light waves to remove soft tissues. This method creates no friction or heat, which are the main sources of discomfort during dental procedures. Patients will also experience minimal bleeding during dental laser procedures, making for a more comfortable experience overall.

Lasers also completely sanitize treatment areas, removing infected tissue and neutralizing bacteria. This thorough method streamlines the healing process. Our patients experience faster healing times using this contemporary method. Not only do patients heal faster, but the tissues heal better with less incidence of reinfection. Bacteria won’t re-infect the tissues with proper aftercare.  Lasers encourage tissues to clot during a procedure, and our bodies use this clotted tissue to grow new, healthy tissue on top.

How Dental Lasers Work

Dental lasers focus light waves and direct energy directly into the tissue. Lasers use these light waves to remove water that’s inside the cells of your tissues without damaging enamel, bone, or hard tissues in the process. They are incredibly precise, and the strength of the laser can be adjusted to treat different kinds of tissue, including infected gums or extraneous growths. This keeps teeth and bone safe from harm, while affecting only targeted tissues.

Hard-tissue lasers can cut through bone and teeth to complete more complex procedures, like extractions or root canal therapy.

For laser-assisted pediatric dental care, choose the office of Dr. Athanasios Zavras and Dr. Grant Murray. Our advanced dental lasers help our young patients and patients with special needs undergo the care they need without the stress that can come with traditional methods. At Cranston Pediatric Dentistry, we put the health of our patients first. 

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