Children that are very young and have developed cavities early (need a lot of restorative work or extractions) or individuals with dental anxiety may not be able to tolerate treatment in the dental chair. Our practice is licensed by the dental board to offer sedation services including general anesthesia under strict monitoring and safety protocols.

A R.I-licensed doctor who is an experienced hospital medical anesthesiologist is responsible for administering the sedation and for monitoring all aspects of the procedure until the patient wakes up and walks to the waiting room.

Once the child is asleep, our dentist will perform what is known as "full mouth rehabilitation". All dental problems will be diagnosed and treated in a single visit, usually lasting 1-2 hours. While the patient is zzzzzzleeping

Please ask our staff for details. Our doctors will be glad to discuss pros, cons and risks and benefits, so that parents are able to make informed decisions. Parents or legal guardians are required to sign informed consents, both medical and dental, prior to the procedure. 

General anesthesia requires detailed pre-procedure health assessments to determine if the child is physically fit and healthy to qualify. Please also note that the child must not eat anything the day of the procedure (safety precaution). 


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